Cancelling is something we all have done in many ways, to cancel our plans,cancel our subscriptions, Don’t you think? Before moving on any topic, at first it is important to know about the topic, to know it’s pros. and cons. for putting views on it. It is necessary to know complete meaning of the topic.
        Therefore, we should first learn what cancel culture means?
               – Cancel culture means one of the popular practice of not supporting public companies and some of the public figures too. After people done or say something that is offensive and objectionable.

Where Cancel Culture Occurs?

Cancel culture can be seen on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Whatsapp. People do such practices that will become very offensive for some people. These objectionable things are being performed especially in group chatting on social media.


This word cancel has the basic idea of the meaning to cancel a person. If a person is cancelled, he/she will be no longer supported publically by anybody.
                             Generally, some public figures are cancelled after the confirmation of that they have did something objectionable. This cancel culture includes bad behavior of people to someone, trying to take away their power and their social media platforms, trying to not supporting in their work (like to not read their books, to not watch their movies, to not listen their audio files).
               All these practices are to be done on online ways. At first, these senses of cancelling are found in the 1990s, that sentence was “TO MURDER”, which was publishes by a page on Twitter named, Buzzfeed UK. But, this sentence was populared in the mid-2010s. This sentence was Considered as cancel culture because this message was taken as on racism, as Ed Sheeran said to Nicki minaj’s race arguement as REDUNDANT which was in support of racism and it was the first example of CANCEL CULTURE.

Basically, cancel culture is like cyber bullying Or cyber harassment. So, don’t you think that this should be end up? From the past 5 years, this trend of cancelling people has on peak!
In the year 2019, entertainers like Scarlet Johansonn, Gina Rodriguez and Kanye West, who faced public offense on social media for being homosexual, people have cancelled them.
           Another example of cancelling culture from 2019, Hart has withdrew himself from going to Oscar awards, but his movies were successful. Only, people have bullied him on social media.

Positive impacts of Cancel Culture

Most of the cases came during the Me too Era! Many men who have tried to do wrong with women, in the Me too Era those names were came out and people followed this trend of cancel culture on those men. So, this is the example of positive impact of cancel culture trend! The view that a traditional approach — apology and forgiveness, is no longer enough might be common starling. But to those who think of cancel culture as an extension of civil rights activists push for meaningful change, it is one of an important tool. And it is clear that, controversial as cancel culture is, it is here to stay.
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