Before having a discussion on any topic, it is necessary to know the real meaning of the topic which we are going to talk about! Isn’t it?
Actually, it is! So, now have a look on the topic, that is, Drug Abuse. After hearing name of the topic, what are the things which come in your mind? Drugs, Heroin, Cocaine Or some other drugs, Opined? No! In fact, drug abuse is an action in which you take legal or illegal substances in the way you shouldn’t. Once you get addicted to dosage of drugs, you can’t resist the urge to take them, on the other hand, either you know or not that, how can they affect you. Before taking the drugs, you will think that you can take them in sufficient amount and will not take overdose of them. You might think that how much and how often you use it! But over time, drugs will change your mind and you will lose self-control on your mind whereas drugs can lead you to damaging behaviors.

Drug abuse is when you take legal or illegal substances in the way, you shouldn’t take. You may abuse drugs to feel good, to reduce stress, or to avoid reality. But in reality, you will lose control on yourself if you take drugs in an overdose amount. Abuse of drugs is able to change your healthy habits.

This kinds of habit of taking drugs will change into addictions. Addictions is when you can’t stops not only when it puts your health into danger.

Effects on your mental health

Your brain is bind to make you to repeat the good experiences that makes you feel great. So, you motivate yourself to do them again and again. Those drugs to which you are addicted to will flow in your mind like a flood and that fluid is called Dopamine. So, whenever you take drugs, it will make dopamine through which you feels good. Therefore, more will be the drugs, more will be the dopamine and more will be the problem with mental health.

Signs of Addiction

1. An urge in the behavior and body to take drugs everyday or many times in a day.
2. You always want to carry drugs with you, and to bring them with you.
3. You spends more time alone.
4. You feel like sickness in your body when you decides to stop their usage in your body.


  • Its come up to talk with your family about it. It might be hard for them to grasp and once you convey them that you want to stop it. They are definitely going to help you.
  • Don’t stop immediately, the course should be slow and effective. Once, your body adopt the life without drug then it will be more easy to stop it.
  • Consult with your loved ones, Its your responsibility to talk with them about this and make inform about this at all time.
  • Consult to doctor if possible, they might prescribe the medicine which can lower down your addictions.
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