The topic of women culture in India, is very sensitive, isn’t it? But, how it has become so much sensitive. The situation has come to a point at which, we are talking about safety of women in our society. Who has made this critical condition for lady of our society. This is also a truth that, THE STATUS OF WOMEN HAS SUBJECTED TO A GREAT CHANGE OVER THE HUGE SPAN OF INDIAN HISTORY. Their position in society worsen early in India’ ancient period, especially in Indo-Aryan speaking regions. But, now, it has in acted into a new face of condition of women in Indian society. Mis-happenings such as Dowry system, child marriage, female foeticide, has come to a decreases level in number, but it has not ended, these kinds of practices have long roots in Indian society and are difficult to root out from Societies.

Women In History

According to History of The British rule, EAST INDIA COMPANY RULE, measured to aim at, Hindu Widows Remarriage Act, Female Infanticide Prevention Act, Sati Regulations (BENGALI SATI REGULATION) and Age Of Consent Act. This we’re some acts which have passed through Lok sabha for bringing equality, dignity, freedom from discrimination for women, in our Mail dominating society. But, with the passing of time, Many women’s were there to serve themselves for The Nation as at many official positions such as, The Prime Minister of India, The President of India, The Speaker Of Lok Sabha. In spite of these moves taken by many women, there is one more negative practice such as Rape cases, Sexual violence has achieved a rise In India.

People raised there voice in British Raj for women

During British raj, many reformers have taken so many actions, such as Jyotirao phule, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Raja ram Mohan Roy, fought for the betterment of Women. As RajaRam Mohan Roy has raised his voice for abolition of Sati under the rule of Governor General William Cavendish-Bentinck in 1829. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar has putted efforts for the sake of Widows Remarriage, under Widow Remarriage Act, 1856. Not only men were there to put their efforts, but there were women such Pandita Ramabai also helped the cause of women.
Rani lakshi Bai, queen of jhansi led the Indian rebellion of 1857, against the Britishers. She has considered as national women hero. There was a female also named as Peary charan sarkar, former student of Hindu college, Calcutta and a member of “Young Bengal”, settled up the first free school for girls in India in 1847, Barasat, Calcutta. So, these were such a kind of initiatives that were taken by many people’s but their purpose was same, just to provide the equality, dignity for women in society.

Women In Present Days

In today’s society, women have been achieved a great position which they deserve, by the efforts of people who have taken action against women in History. Nowadays, women are doing everything, what men are doing! Women have now achieved a great position, as they are working by keeping their shoulder together with men! A line in Hindi language that describes this situation completely:-

“आज की नारी, पुरुष के कंधे से कंधा मिला कर काम करती हैं। “

So, the above mentioned line just means that in respect of working, women have achieved their deserved equality. But! Are women have achieved equality regarding their safety? Indian women are not safe even after achieving this much freedom! It doesn’t means that they are wrong, raised issue is that, they are not just safe!

Solution Of The Problem

We have discussed over issue, but every problem brings solution with it! We can provide safety to lady of our country by making some strict laws for the criminals. Only then, the other who have courage to do rape kinda things, will learn a lesson from their crime!
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