Humans always wondered moon since their existence what that shinny ball in night sky? Some connected it to myths, black magic, and fantasy and so on. We later realized moon is more than that what it appears scientist found without life on earth was unimaginable and may I couldn’t be the Fuko creator and then else might be paradox. Well, on some nights we couldn’t see moon at all. Yes it there but due to sun earth eclipse there is no light for moon to illuminate. And we gradually see full moon to half moon and cycle begins. But just imagine what happens if moon vanishes? But even is it possible to happen? Answer is yes. Moon is already tearing up apart from earth during the early stages of formation of the solar system. Even the moon helps earth to slow down earth’s rotation from a 5-hour day to the present 24-hour day. But it doesn’t stop its still on the move, receding approx 1.5 inches from the earth, to brighter horizons. But as it’s on move, it’s also decelerating the earth and increasing the duration of the day by 2 milliseconds every 100 years.

So let’s see what happens when the moon vanishes

  • The tides would shrink by 75% means jeopardising the life of the inhabitants in the tidal zones. The Food chain will break and resulting serious threat to the entire coastal ecosystems.
  • Mass population decline on sea and land within decades to follow.
  • Weather forecasts would be very difficult.
  • Earth’s Axis will get unstable. In the absence of moon the earth would wobble anywhere between 10 to 45 degrees pushing it out of control. Let us tell you – In the past, an extra tilt of just 1-2 degrees has caused ice age.
  • Devastating effect on life forms on earth.

But there is good news 🙂 all this will take effect in about 50 billion years from now. After that moon will reach an orbit farthest from us. At this point, the moon and earth will be on a synchronous rotation. Moon rotation would be 45 days. But it’s on sync with earth rotation too means only one side of earth could see the moon so if in those era humans existed they have to travel other side to see the moon. Future is quite unpredictable and very dynamic.

We see the moon on basis of everyday we must not forget the significance of moon. Moon is one of the reasons behind life form, tides, shaped weathers and all what we could see. What do you think when you see moon? Just tell us in comments 🙂

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