Generally, everyone is introduced to the word hygiene and cleanliness. But, question arises that, Are we working on hygiene and cleanliness? Actually, NO! We might introduced to the word and meaning but, we don’t take action in favor of it. We are increasing temperature of our environment, which results in global warming. We do Air pollution and Noise pollution a lot. These are the reasons of being India at 168th position in Environment Performance index. According to the survey of researchers of Yale and Columbia University. India has ranked 168th out of 180 countries in the 2020 Environment Performance Index. Researchers of Yale and Columbia University says that India needs to accelerates it’s decarbonisation agenda and country is facing a serious problem of environmental health related issues with being the Air Quality poorer.

Who are in the top?

Out of 180 countries, India has achieved 168th position, but According to 2020 EPI- Denmark has achieved first position in the list, followed by Luxembourg, Switzerland, The United Kingdom, France, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Norway and Germany. These are the countries who are good in environmental performance. Whereas China ranked at 120th position. According to 2020 EPI, countries achieved top in the list do their projects by keeping public health in mind. According to researchers, high scoring companies usually exhibits long-term standing commitments and constructed very carefully by keeping sake of future generations and public health.

FROM SOUTH ASIA! From South Asian region, India is the only country after Afghanistan which has the rank in the lower part of list. Afghanistan achieved 178th position after India, otherwise, the other countries from South Asian region are above than India in the list. By leading the region, Bhutan achieved 107th position, Than after, Sri Lanka who has achieved 109th rank, Maldives ranks 127th followed by Pakistan (142), Nepal (145) and than Bangladesh ranks 162nd position in the list of 2020 EPI. The researchers of Yale and Columbia University says that India needs to perform well in respect of Environment Performance Index (EPI). For air quality, India ranks 169th in 2020 EPI, Pakistan ranks 170th in the list.

What we needs to do?

We just needs to do present development by keeping in mind the sake of public health. We should conserve our environment.
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