This is era of Information. There are lot of source now these it could be online or offline. But when we see such medium it’s rely on technology. So, how exactly we perceive it? Before technology was just a window to see new possible outcomes but now it’s more than a tool.

When Radio invented people were more interested in Radio programs, visualisation was just a imaginary part in those time but when television was invented it shaped our visualisation. Now we couldn’t only hear but could see also. People have started to see a different world what they might have never imagined. It was all black and white then colours were introduce this was not a significant change but drastically improvement in Technology. People adopted them that’s why they were in market.

People loved to write letter and express their feelings in form of words which could take long times. When telephone invented then people still have long conversations to small chit-chat in short time. Then smart phone introduced and we sudden of lot of things come out. Our brains are constantly adapting to our environment, and when there’s a change in the environment, there’s a change in the way we think. It’s a biological change, not just a change of habit. We adopted such changes because new technology promises that what old tech couldn’t deliver.

  • New technology might provide faster delivery of information then previous tech.
  • Continuous use of new technology might disable other abilities
  • Price gets low due to competition and techs get more affordable

Technology affects our brain’s mechanics, one thing that changed pretty dramatically is that the visual cortex, the part of our brain that processes our vision. When we were child and started to learn reading, it would be very hard to grasp letters for first time but once we done lot of practice letters become words, words become information. But what if we don’t focused on writing, in such scenario letters are same but the way of doing a task get affected when technology changes. Once a time, we are dependent on certain tech when it got deprecated then brain have to adopt new changes to achieve the same result. These days, people love to watch new TV series or movies which were watched on TV and Cinema but medium has been changed as new technology introduced in form of smart phone. Audience do not need to wait in queue for tickets, simply install app to watch same thing.

It’s not only about the entertainment its quite concerned how we grasp knowledge from internet. If we go back to 2010. We could get online only through computers. Iphone had come out, but not affordable for most of the people. Social media was new thing. People started using it but they weren’t living their lives through social media platform. It was a very different story. Then internet grows rapidly transfer speeds increased new technology introduced. We all know very well how we got up from 2G to 4G and now heading up for 5G. Information technology is now converting to Data technology. Our brain accepts things easily when its easy to understand and ease of use. New technology eliminate such things. There is no lag between the things as technology changes every day from day to evening you might found new alternate options but much better. If you jump in future to 50 year from now. There is a huge lag between the adoption of technology and available tech at that time. Obviously, it will be hard for you to understand those things because of the lag that occur due to no proper information of adoption to new technology. And new tech will bring the ease more to comfort and that’s the ideology of technology to make easy which are hard to conduct in daily life. Tell us what you think about the technology?

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