Do you love kids? Are you aware about what kids love to eat? Have you wondered that what your kids are eating is healthy? Are your kids a healthy eaters? Are they good at eating their food? Are they love to eat nutritious food?

It doesn’t mean, that they should eat a lot, but whatever they eat, should be healthier! But what they should eat?

  • Kids should eat at least one fruit daily.
  • Kids should eat 1 to 3 cups of vegetables daily. As they have high nutrients in them.
  • Drink 2 to 3 glass of milk daily. As it has calcium in it and it’s a great source of Vitamin D.
  • Get them half of the grains from the whole wheat grains.
  • If one can eat non – vegetarian, then kids should eat half bowl of meat. As it is rich in protein.

The above mentioned, recommendations for a healthy kid should be followed as by following the given points, any kid cannot face any health related issues. They will be healthier and grow in a good developing way. These recommendations also help them to avoid high calories and food with high fat globules which can lead to obesity in kids.

What’s bad for kids to eat?

  • 1. Avoid your kids to eat fried meat, such as chicken nuggets, fish sticks or corn dogs, more than once in a week, as they can increase cholesterol level in kids and can lead to obesity in them.
  • 2. Avoid kids to have chocolate powder, eat more chocolates as they can add high sugar amount in their body which leads to have obesity.
  • 3. Avoid serving or don’t serve high fat food such as sausages, hot dog, bacon, more than once in a week.
  • 4. Avoid serving sweets to kids on a regular basis, candy, cookies, cakes, in spite of that, serve them healthy food in snacks too. With following these steps kids should do exercises, and physical activities. This can lead to have a healthy body and controlled weight.

How to make a diet plan for kids?

  • You can prepare a diet plan of every day of a week. From beginning of a day to end of the day, kids want to eat a lot as they feel hungry after every two to three hours.
  • You can prepare a different diet plan for different day so that kids can’t be fed up from the food you cook for them.
  • You can add some colorful tooty fruity kinds of items so that it will look more attractive for kids as they will enjoy it more.
  • You should Serve food on a regular basis to kids, so that their tummy can’t be empty and because of that they will not feel hungry and their proper schedule will be build up, so that you can remind at a correct time and can cook some food for your kids.

These are some basics steps for kids, as it is not an easy task to make a healthy diet plan for kids as they refuse to eat healthy food a lot. But when there is will there is way. If you have some amazing diet plan let us know in comments.
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