After just having a look at the title you must be wondering what actually is being referred here in this feed today . It is indeed very simple yet so complicated to understand how sex has just blown our minds . Minds of the young , the middle-aged , the old . No matter whosoever but we could see it everywhere .

Sex has been one the most important activities and experiences in the life of humans . It has been successively continued by all of us . But with time there has been a lot of changes among people and their sexual habits . It isn’t wrong that people of today have become so much more versatile and open about their sexual desires . I believe most of us have somehow managed to prolong the fantasies we are carrying forward with us in our day to day course. Sex is and has been a form of expression that people use to express their love , gestures and feelings for one another . Indeed it has been one of the most romanticising form of attitude in a relationship . Any relationship is incomplete without intimacy . Ages ago , people had a very different version for sex and their libido . People then used to be afraid of expressing and opening about their feelings with their partners and sharing that harmony and peace . Sex was relatively an ashamed form of expression . It was and is still a taboo in many parts of the world . People thrive upon it but nobody wants to talk about it . It has been a ritual that people having sexual drive are considered as filthy sting . For females especially showing or responding to any signs has been a really tough journey to anticipate this stigma . Two people were allowed to have sex only after the marriage and was religiously idolised as marriage a unique amalgamation of two souls certainly coming in contract to continue their hereditary and genes of the family ,wherein the female was required to step out of her life and family and walk into other house to build her home . This still happens in many customs and religions across the world .

Sex hasn’t only evolved since ages but has also created a greater impact on the lives of people . It is a form where one releases all the stress and anxiety . Nobody has to be ashamed of it . Having the urge to create an intimate bond with someone has always been the natural way of the entire living beings on this planet. But with the coming of modernity and globalisation sex has not only incredibly changed forms but is today hugely one whole industry censored as pornography . It is whole running industry wherein two people are contractually based and given money to sell their intercourses among the world . It has changed the whole world while maximum of the people have today easy access with these sites . Today , sex among before marriage and even among adolescents is widely rampant . Sex isn’t just confined among a male and a female but has build among the homosexuals as well .

Not only sex has stem its roots among people’s behavioral pattern but it also creates a great impact on people psychologically . In spirituality sex is considered to be a holy grail and is accepted as fulfilling and a very soulful course between the two living . In many spiritual books it is said that sex is the whole grain expression of unity and love . Even it is said that people who often indulge themselves into masturbation and excessive use of phonographic content are much far away from the real them and will not be able to understand the purity of sex .
Sex has indeed impacted us in many ways . But never forget that your drive does matter and it is no shame to have a sexual desire but don’t ruin the whole idea of sex and it’s expression .
Keep calm cause more of such content write-ups would be coming .😀

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