How many times in you life have you felt miserably helpless ? How many times have you cried under your pillow and just wanted to end all of it ? Endless questions to the state we become when we choose not to come out of our whole cyclic neural dis function .

There could be endless reasons for being helpless . Many a times we ourselves put in a state of helplessness by just blaming our current situations rather than changing it . Maybe you see your old friends hanging out with each other you feel miserable , maybe the phone you wanted so bad you don’t have the money to make it yours , maybe the girl you wanted to date is proposed by somebody else , maybe you didn’t get admission in your desired company or university . There are infinite possibilities of maybe adversities in life but what’s the key to break this chain of scantiness .

Are you aware of this fact that whatever we concentrate on grows .
Whatever you decide today to focus on will grow but then you ask why am I not able to what I desire to the fact that I think about it everyday . The answer lies within . It is really beautiful to think and to foreplay the scenes in our mind again and again everyday to want we want or need . It gives immense joy and subtleness in the mind and heart but what happens after you foreplay that particular thought again and again . After thinking and building thousands of images in our mind we create a balloon of expectations with the things we desire . We think of the outcome , the middle part and everything . Our brain tends to remind us again and again of the ideal picture that we created in our minds about the results . And if it doesn’t go by that way we think we are failing and we feel how things are going uncontrollable. And then we let the uncontrollable things to control our life . Let me explain you this a bit more in an easy way .
Once upon a time there were two couples , everything was like a blessing for both of them but suddenly after two -three months of their relationship they started in vigorous fights and hardships . They both didn’t understand where did things go wrong . While everything was happening and going so smooth at the start then why things fall after sometime of every other relationships ? The reason is that eventually one or the other partner makes an image about the relationship how it is supposed to go or how the other partner should act . And when the picture in the mind doesn’t goes with the reality things seem like he isn’t the one or she isn’t the one . The problem is not that what we believe how or what type of person we want to be with but the problem is after being in a relationship starting goes so great and then things fall apart . Sometimes it’s not them but our own mind which tricks us .

The more in-depth knowledge of this comes when you start applying this mantra in your life . Not just being solo with the relationships but with every possible thing in life . Now you must be wondering what “mantra” exactly is .
It is as simple as to sound or read but to do as well . Never we attached to the outcome . Never make your mind fool you by thinking the same old beliefs you had to how should a thing go . ‘Detachment is the key’ , just set out an intention to do a thing or receive your desire but don’t circle ⭕️ yourself around it every hour or every second . Let it out , let go of it out to the universe . Believe you are the most empowering person . And things are happening for you . The more you to chase a thing the more it goes out of your control and runs away from you . Stop where ever you are . They say that what is yours will come to you without your putting efforts to it . Let your life surprise you stop on holding the things stop just whirling around . Life surprises you in a way that’s best for you .

Being grateful is the another most powerful key to remove the path if helplessness and feel the synchronicity . Life is uncertain and the amazing part lies to live the life in the moment each moment is like showering blessings on you and more than utilising today you couldn’t control anything . Not the past not the future but only today right now right with you .

Never underestimate your own value and worth , you are so precious to be here today living and being able to breath .



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