Recently , I was sitting with my parents and my dad and mom were watching “four more shots”. (An Indian drama series which deals in 4 girls and their life ). Funnily i saw how my dad on my coming just forwarding the series . Since the series cast some wild adultery scenes. Things might have got uncomfortable between us ?
Surely once in your lifetime must have experienced the same incident .

It was that moment I realised how our Indian parents stumble whenever there is a talk about sexuality . How things between us and parents become so controversial .
Mostly Indian teenagers face a lot of problem sharing their troubles related to their sexuality . Things become awkward . There’s a sudden shame which we encounter in the eyes of our parents and us . But why so ?

Living your best life in this 21st century but still many of us hesitate talking openly with our parents , because many of are grown like this . And this has been a vicious cycle since ages . Our parent’s parent never let them open and so does it continue . Though many things have considerably changed these days. Seeing your children’s hesitation as a signal is important. He or she is merely afraid, uncomfortable, uneasy or uncertain. Hesitation isn’t a bad thing either. It may be a healthy signal that your son or daughter isn’t ready for something yet—they need more information, mentoring and assistance. And in the “big picture” if you are raising a highly sensitive child then you are already aware they need different things from you. One of those things is helping them manage their shyness so they can honor their unique selves, and also joyfully participate in life. It is very important for you to support and motivate your child to speak up whether he is high school or not . There has been many cases reported about children being hesitant about their school life with their parents especially when they enter high school . Things start changing after a certain level when you kid starts entering teenage . His / Her resistant might have started because of your not understanding your child or because of the parents being too strict . Sometimes the child himself make things complicated by not disclosing the issues to his parents and therefore making it an unending fight of his own life and him . Things could be solved as simple as it could be understood .

But the thing is, that is what they need from us most of all; to understand. The way we interact with our young children, the words we use, the intonation in our voice and even our body language can have a huge impact on whether they will feel comfortable talking to us about the big issues they will inevitably face as teens. If we are not empathetic and understanding of the ‘little things’ they face in their early years (which are actually big things to them) then chances are they will have a hard time opening up about the big things when they grow older.

Imagine if your son came home from school after spending the day coping with peers calling him names and throwing his back pack on the toilet block roof. Imagine then if he were to say nothing to you about it but instead went straight to his room. Would you want to have the opportunity to talk to him about it? How about if your daughter was struggling with her peers pressuring her to take drugs, would you want to know? If your daughter fell pregnant and was frightened about the huge choices she would soon be making, would you want her to be able to come to you for help? If she chose to abort the child, I know you’d want to know about that!

It has and it is very important for all of the parents to be aware of what their kids are going through and what they are deep inside struggling .
Small things sometimes build up big issues among an individual which then would be more difficult to battle than now .We would all like to pray and hope that our children will never find themselves in these situations but we would be naive to think that our children are completely immune from the perils of adolescence.

No child is indifferent it’s only the upbringing which makes all the difference . Protect your child and be with them .


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