When we think about revolutionary object, “Wheels” come up in the mind at first place. Obviously, Wheel facilitated transportation and agriculture, changing the landscape. But that’s not complete there are other inventions with a little less attention, that have changed our lives radically, So what are those objects?

1. The Cinematograph

All the wonderful entertainment we enjoy credits to Lumiere brothers and their 1894 “cinematograph”. Their fist “movie,” produced on the same year, which was just a few minutes of footage showing workers leaving the Lumiere factory in Lyon. And the rest, we know is history…

2. Light Bulb

After numerous attempt on 21st Oct, 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first commercially viable electric light. Electric lights were already existed on larger scale, but Edison’s light-bulb were much more affordable electric light source. The most hardest part for Edison and his team was finding a filament what would be durable and inexpensive. After 6000 combinations, Edison hit the score : carbonized bamboo

3. IBM Personal Computer (PC)

IBM is well known for their adoption of computer and reassuring name. If they said that the computer could be useful, then companies were willing to try it. Computers were introduced almost 30 years ago, now just imagine when a century will pass what a human intellect could achieve with the load-out of computer.

4. Gutenberg Press

Around 1945, Johann Gutenberg, a German blacksmith, goldsmith, and printer, began mass printing copies of the Bible. They printed over 180 copies for over 3 years. It might be such low number in this time but it was well appreciated and astounding on that time. This invention considered as a great revolution and exited manual transcription.

5. Astrolabe

Globalization wasn’t possible without of astrolabe which helps in the navigation and discovery of the world. An instrument used to measure the position of the sun and stars in the sky. It was more advanced than a compass, which was corrected in the Islamic World around 800 CE and reintroduced in Spain in the 12th Century. It was well adopted and used until 1650 in the world.

Do you know about any other invention which changed our life today? Let us know in comments 🙂

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  • June 25, 2020

    great topic


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