As women we have been struggling with a lots of responsibilities. In earlier times it might be carrying the daily chores of the household, bringing up children or their family, keeping with all the the ethics and morals is what women of then was expected.

Similar is the time of today, women are mostly seen every field of work whether politics, media, sports, navy etc. But one thing which hasn’t changed is what we expect from women of today. We want to see women in fields competing with the men but should also probably know how to safeguard their dignity and where to stop.
Even on matrimonial sites these things are quite evident, advertisements and details scrolling as – want a fair, young, educated and decent girl with good moral values and should know cooking.
This tells us the in varietal truth of our society all the mindset’s we’ve been following since ages about women.

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We allow women of today to work outside but at the same time we expect them to be prefect at every core of job they do. It is good that we see them in offices, schools, running various businesses but we expect them out-stand what all they do otherwise they are considered to fit in homes only.
Many working women don’t get the environment what they are expected to. Often their colleagues or sometimes husband or any male chauvinist tells them that they aren’t good enough in their work, or they don’t know how to handle work like a man, they are often told to compromise.
Females have been playing the most challenging roles since the times of this world started. In case of Sita(of Ramayana ), she wasn’t accepted by Ram (her beloved husband ) after Raavan extorted and kidnapped her.
From the very instance we get to know how double standards we’ve been following even in the history of our gods. How can we expect them to equal when this mentality has been with us for years ?

The “modern woman” of today is one who embraces vulgarity, loudness, and vitriol over the strength that comes from valid ideas and the feminine softness of ladies past. She is one who embraces sexual anarchy rather than sexual freedom through promiscuity and immodesty rather than tempered choices. She is one who will flaunt that sleazy vulgarity through “pussy hats”, dressing like vaginas, smearing fake blood to mimic menstruation as “girl power”, and shun all aspects of traditional femininity .To her, sex is a handshake not a milestone. A child is a burden personally and professionally to be cast aside and neglected emotionally, mentally, even physically lest it get in her way of being the “modern woman”. Motherhood is enslaving, not her highest calling as a woman. A man is the enemy, a hindrance and source of all oppression just waiting to force her back in the kitchen! This is what the modern women is considered to be like .

But the modern women is who

  • The modern woman can make her own choices, but chooses them because she should, not merely because she can!
  • The modern woman uses her freedom to enhance her life, not spite others, such as doing something specifically to “spite the patriarchy”…
  • The modern woman has sexual freedom, but not sexual anarchy! She knows with freedom comes responsibility, and embracing hook up culture only leads to danger, unhappiness, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, etc…etc…
  • The modern woman chooses her partner freely, without being coerced or forced by her father, but honors and cherishes the man she chooses and respects his wishes…
  • The modern woman can embrace a marriage of equals in dignity and worth, with separate but complimentary roles…
  • The modern woman can give her heart and her person to one man in marriage, till death do you part, be “one flesh” with him and give yourself to him without being his “property”, as he ought to do the same for you. She knows that she is forever his, and he is forever hers… She embraces the title of wife (“Mrs.”) as an honor, not a slave-name!
  • The modern woman is not “dependent” on a man, but leans on him, looks to him in times of hardship and vulnerability for him to be her rock and protector, with the knowledge she does so freely and that she will be his rock in his time of need. She knows she can share her sorrows and joys with him, without being “dependent” and “weak”.

Overall, the “modern woman” of reason, is a lady in spirit and character, while taking the best female empowerment has to offer such as increased autonomy and independence. She is bright, driven, a victor, not a victim, a leader, a nurturer, a devoted partner, a dutiful daughter, a loving mother, a person of integrity and accountability, a deep independent thinker, a person of refinement, has strength in her quietness, embraces her traditional femininity and is above all, a LADY !!!

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