Have you ever tried to hold back to things you think you are too deeply connected to ? Things you make up in your mind about a how a person should treat you or just felt circumstances and situations should go the way exactly how they are going in your head .
Have you ever tried to scream so hard but you get to know that your head was under water , you just couldn’t help the outside world wherein you are so drowned deep inside that your soul no longer feels the way it should .

We humans are already so complicated beings that we don’t know when to stop or flow . The adrenaline rush inside our heart couldn’t ever beat anything else in our life . The moment of oxytocin , dopamine and serotonin and etc etc .
Making these vibrations your dominant energy you start to move . But have you ever wondered that you should have stopped a-lot before . Putting people on the pedestal and playing a role of cameo in their movie feels so lost . We say the people we love the most hurt us the most . True ! But you let that happen to yourself . Now how is the questions .

Remember the time you met them you were so energetic and were better off without them . But what happens after ? Why things intoxicate ? Expectations , visualisations and that picture in the mind starts growing . Thinking your complete future with them awfully forgetting who you are . In the name of love you gave yourself completely without realising what it has costed you .
Once who used to be a star of his /her own movie now has accepted to work under a cameo in somebody else’s movie . Changes happen , emotions rushing so fast don’t think if anybody could be better than this . The moment everything starts falling we don’t know how to stop and where to just walk away till that time we have become so hard with our feelings that if we lose them this time we would lose ourself .

I’ve seen people madly forcing things when they’re in love and the more they try to control things they fail . Everybody has felt this . Me too . The more I tried to hold the more I lost them . I would do anything and everything without boundaries . Rushing running after . Losing some more of myself in the name of love . Thinking the most awful of things could happen or maybe things would change with my effort . Thought like I could only change I could do everything . Yes i am fearful too , like you . But when it’s time it’s time you exactly know where and when to stop . Just hold on to you limiting thoughts in your mind saying that it is impossible for you to begin again .

There’ll be days when you might be full of courage and on the other you might sink but remember each time you aren’t what happened to you , you are what you choose to be at the moment . Life is an ending journey , if you keep repeating and yelling about the past in your head you would never be out of your misery . The same old pain would hurt you leaving you just an empty soul . It’s hard to just take out people or things which has happened wrong . But just think how were you before it had happened to you . You seemingly remember that you had bad as well as good days in your life . Never -mind how stressful days might be but you just exactly knew where your power lied and you came up till this point today so far so brave .

The only purpose we are today on this planet is I believe is to learn few chapters of “Life” mistaken in the past and to leave this body entity and come back in different form . In simple words , whatever we have been learning so far so about all the teachers , parents etc who have been a guide to us is to be selfless and self-giving to which today we face troubles in life . This materialistic nature of life learning and practicing for today twenty years is hard to get off on . But not impossible . Maybe this is what treasure we need to find and apply in our lives without having it we could succumb our own presence in nature which ultimately would make us feel dead inside out .
POWER lies within , change on the inside outer change starts happening.

Think about your dreams , your aspirations , your desires , your happiness which all you had once bring them back and nurture them because nothing is more important than them not even him ❤️.


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