The French monarchy didn’t only ruled Versailles, but their style keep ruling the runway today. Marie-Antoinette become a fashion icon in 1780s via her extravagent style and popular garments worn by the Queen, such as corsets, have been revamped by modern designers including Vivienne Westwood. Have a look into these closets from the 1780s and lets find out which trends have evolved from Versailles fashion.

Nothing to mind extra

Ribbion, flowers, beads – the more decoration, that;s better for the French Royalty. This style has continued though the ages as people loved continue to wear bright colors and accessorize their outfits.

The layers got off

Originally designed to accentuate the waist, corsets have come back into fashion as a statement piece. In the 1780s they were worn under the clothes. As the time has gone on, layers converted into the garments which were recreated by the designer Vivienne Westwood.

Keep it professional

In 1780s Versailles, you also had to wear appropiate clothing when appearing in Court or in front of the King – Even the castle dress-code was a sword and hat.

Necklaces, Necklaces and necklaces

The famous “Queen’s necklace” was created by combining a choker with a necklace dangling underneath. Which becomes the popular way to change up the look, and soon Chokers have become a lasting trend.

Floral Print – Groundbreaking but not new

The floral print was a fashionable choice by the notable people in the 1780s. In this image, the French painter “Francois Guillaume Menageot wears a delicate cornflower pinted waistcoat.

Unisex Fashion

We are more forward thinking in terms of unisex fashion today, there were also certain clothing items which were worn by both gender in the 1780s. An English gown was inspired by a similar coat worn by men during the same period.

Don’t forget the bigger wig

Statements wigs were the fashion for the French Monarch in Versailles. Wigs become a popular accessory and can be used to match your hair with your outfit.

Which one was your favorite one? and will you try any of these? Let us know in comments 🙂

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