Everyday in newspapers or news headlines we see about rape . How a women was raped brutally by some men who thought as it their duty of pride . Rape has become controversial these days people sigh the fact it is but where the loopholes are still to be corrected .

(Ref : theswaddle.com)

People proclaiming how the conditions arose for a man having the allowance to put hands on a women’s modesty is because of the women . Women not knowing how to dress properly or being late outside , are all meant to rape . Shameless is the fact that women are sometimes the betrayers of women by allegedly putting such statements in regard for other women .
Where does this ideology comes from ?

India has been a patriarchal society from a long time and it is evident enough from our ancient history that how women have been asking for respect and equal rights in the society . Men have always suppressed women whether at homes , work or any field of work . Women have been struggling for their rights since ages and is still trying to mark a place for herself in society . They aren’t considered to be as equal as a man’s capability and potential . “She” is always understood to be less .But the problem stands that from where does this problem arise ?

Recently , a BOY’S LOCKER ROOM (a handle on social media where boys can talk anything about a women or a girl and it is considered to be acceptable and casual)case was out on social media where a tweet confronted how few boys misused the pictures of few underage girls for fun and were also seen using very horrendous terms . They talked about easy it was to rape a girl and use her . And were planning out for a gang-rape . And the hard part is that those boys were all educated college going boys who belonged to good families . It is were disgraceful that we still live in a country where such mentality exists . What was more threatening was not that these boys didn’t even once think how much trauma it might give to the girl they were assaulting about .

Rape has become a common culture today . From an adult women to a girl of six or even an infant is raped . From studies it has been seen that mosts rapist initially aren’t criminals . They mostly are normal working labour in our surroundings maybe the bus driver , conductor , office staff (peon) , clerk or etc . It could be anyone . From a study , it is proven that these people have a patriarchal mindset and they start as a sexist , might use homophobic languages in their daily routine and share transphobic jokes in their circle . This is actually the point where it all starts . Then they threaten or might harass or threaten as a start and then rape and finally murder . This was a complete hierarchy of how a criminal mindset come into action and become such people believe rape as not a crime but put it out as rape myth .

Some of these myths are

  • Women ask for sex by the way they dress and behave
  • They enjoy being raped
  • Women are raped only by strangers
  • Women could avoid being raped if they really wanted to
  • Women cry rape for revenge on powerful men
  • Rapists are crazy or psychotic (“animals” is a word that is often used)
  • Most rapists are “different”, “not like us
  • None of the above are generically true even if there may be some truth in some rare individual cases.

Rape may a be associated with organic brain damage and learning disability, disorders associated with congenital or acquired brain damage . Sexually arousing fantasies, or sexual urges involving specific paraphilic behavior, and that the fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors; cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

Stages of Sexual Violence

There are studies which show how men objectify women as sex objects , men’s sexual thrive and need is so much more important and women are just to turn them on . They consider women as indifferent from them . In accessibility of women to men leads to rape , as many of the rapist claim that the victims only had indicated them to rape by wearing short clothes or late night , alone women . Factors are many , many of the rapist have experienced multiple early life adversities such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, and dysfunctional family relations,which are likely to affect their capacities for secure attachments and developing healthy adult relationships. Such experiences create deficits of intimacy with insensitive and aloof interpersonal styles and dismissive attachment characterized by hostility to, suspicion of, and unemphatic and callous attitudes toward attachment figures.
There is a need to fix such mental thinking of the society because rapist aren’t born they are developed with time.

Let’S all stand together to make a difference and change this illness to wellness

By Geetangi Mukraj
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