Have you haver hogged on to that giant tub of icecream or the intaking to kilos of extra calories in your stomach all by yourself and still felt empty on the inside . Most people when depressed feel emptiness in their lives . We all have once gone through things in life , moments where we didn’t even know our life has begun to be suddenly fall in front of our eyes .
You couldn’t just find peace in anything you’ve once wanted to pursue and now literally living in it .
Times when you think what is supposed to be in your life but actually life gives you some other reality maybe at that point somewhere in your heart you are okay with it but still you don’t see that bright light in your world of darkness . Maybe it’s fear of losing , of regretting . Because the purpose we thought of ourselves was lost .

We want to organise our things , our priorities , our lives as in . And they don’t tend to go by our way . Then comes a point in our life when we become a home of negativity and hopelessness.
The more we try to in act to believe the false truth about life being and acting same all the time . Makes us redundant and hollow . Overthinking is the germ that sticks in our mind like nothing else . Thinking about what is right or wrong , we all swallow the brighter essence of life . Leaving ourselves absurdly traumatic and stunned . Mostly the time when our brain starts to distinction or in easy term we say “ I don’t know why am I so blank” . All the nuances are heard in our mind again and again but we don’t get the button to stop it . We search for exactly what we want and make our current situations more worse for us .

Easy getting of things sometimes don’t let you know it’s taste . We humans think we all are so unworthy that the opportunities flinging around is just an unconventional trap of our life . It leads to that stage of anxiety and trauma where you call depression to be your fate . Nothing suits you and your desires . It’s the time when you don’t understand why u’d your spirit feels so tested and ripped apart . Seems something or even you yourself is falling and you probably don’t seemingly find anything to solve it . The most common mistake which we make is to abandon (ing)ourselves in times when we feel empty . That guilt and shame builds down the potential in us . To all losing talks on the outside we talk what strangers think about us on the inside of us instead of us talking about our own on the inside of us . Prettily it all conduces and builds like you are preparing yourself to explode like a lava on yourself and prove all the false and failing images about yourself to be right .

That stupid job which you run after costing your life and purpose ,that running and clinging over the same person again and again who barely even cares about you , that unstoppable cursing of the self , that shame of what others think about you , that you are being less paid in regard to your hard work but you still gotta hung around that place , that rude and ruthless behaviour of others on you letting your souls hurt on the inside or that wrong decision you made in your life putting you back ? So many life problems and we build a new not so important problems in you body each day . We lose our mind and hence feel empty because flowers don’t bloom in trash they need good care and necessary nutrients of love , care , hope and light . You aren’t empty until you make yourself one . Sometimes the thing we most wanted once in our life when comes in reality , confuses us the most because we forget to cherish and show gratitude towards it . Each day has to be conquered no matter how . Your well being defines your life . Show the charismatic characters to yourself to justify that you too have a purpose in life . Everything just flows according to your thoughts , beliefs about you .
It might seem difficult to be consistent everyday with the same amount of energy but if each day gives you the same vibe do you even think it would remain even fruitful to you . You are never empty until you really want to believe you are .

It is time to call for a therapy . There’s no harm or shame to start a fresh anytime in your life . It could be just sitting in a park just like that , cooking any sweet or that breakfast meal or just doing meditation or yoga . Each step in your journey of life is as essential for as much as you knock down . You are limited , your soul is limited , you have a special place in life . Out of all the negativity walking, running and living inside you is going to cause you more and more ache in the stomach . Just like when we are sick we search for medicine as first aid similarly , we need to search ourselves in any of situations like these we need ourselves first as our own saviour .
Second , doctors are always awaiting to choose as a option .
Anybody in life whosoever you refer to will only be effective if you work with them . There is always an aid present in the world for its diseases . Right time and right intention takes you where you want to . Start your healing journey wherever you are because life is not messy , empty , broken or any negative adjective you want to fit in . You are worthy , fulfilling , loving , capable and guided always by the universe . You are never alone because you find you always . No matter how many times you got to make yourself understand bring back to the position where you started it from . It all counts at the end , all will fix so nicely that you are going to cherish every moment of love and happiness even your sorrows will make sense to you to give you a kick start in life .

The more you feel empty the more you realise it everyday in your life , you are worth every possibility on this earth . Just believe it .

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