Have you ever felt yourself to be in the middle of a hurricane , like you don’t know what to do , where to go , how to go . We all once in our life get stuck maybe not just stuck but lost .

“You cheated me but I can’t let you go , I love you “ . We all find ourselves standing at this position once in our life , irrespective of our genders . What it is that we can’t separate our souls from a person who doesn’t even is a part of it ?

SEPARATED ……………………. (14th February -the same valentine’s night ) Before anything could be explained .
YUKTI received a message by ASISH telling her that he longer wanted that relationship and was stuck because of her . He said a final goodbye to her .


YUKTI knew all what was going in her life . She was hurt , she was suppressed , she was helpless and most of all lonely . All she wanted was him , her brain knew what she was doing to her but her heart couldn’t resist her . That restless feeling where the whole body isn’t under your control , throbbing mind , your serotonin is not in your control anymore and most of all heart beating .
She could do anything for ASHISH to be with her . Her constant chasing didn’t stop for him for days . It only made her more and more lonely and lost .

With the increasing trauma and toxicity in her life she started losing her relationship with her friends and family , most of all her mother who was the one she shared everything . Days were getting hard , while struggling between no social life to just panicking and being in a room of hopelessness

Finally she thought that running was the healer , she decided to run from her home and from his life . Late in the night in the she packed her bags and ran from her home . Before she could understand anything or could take anybody’s help she wanted to meet ASHISH for one last time . She decided to go at his home .
Reaching his home . Waiting downstairs found herself to be in a dilemma made her think that she should go or not …. and she decides to go .
Ringing the doorbell ………trrrr …….trrrr …….trrrrrr………trrrrrr
Finally he opens the door , shocked and surprised he says hello to her .
YUKTI: Hi , how are you ?
ASHISH: I am fine why are you here ?
YUKTI : ( takes a deep breathe ) ummm . I wanted to meet you . Won’t you call me in ?
ASHISH : (calls her in ) Yes tell me what you want ?
YUKTI : I can’t be without you why did you leave me (sweeping her cheeks ) ASHISH : I just don’t feel good with you anymore , maybe you are not the one I wanted . I don’t feel anything for you .
YUKTI: ( confused ) But everything was going so smooth and nice what happened , I am sorry for anything if I did . Please don’t say like this . I see a future with you .

Received no answer . She tries to bring back their old moments … holds his hand and tries to kiss ….. melting hearts , steaming breathes , increasing oxytocin in their blood . Both couldn’t resist. Both naked made love to each other like they were made for each other like everything was fine . Eyes closed ; compassionate in their love . Two souls meeting like nobody could .But who knew ……

ASHISH : I can’t be with you … go from here .
With a sigh of pain in her body and a broken heart she runs away …. (to be continued )

Be careful with your feelings , you never know when you start prioritising people more than you give priority to yourself . Attachments don’t come deliberately they happen on their own before we even get to know . Attaching yourself to someone is so easy that you might even not know when you decided to give whole of yourself to that person.
Why do we put ourselves completely for love ? Is it love that causes pain or it’s the attachment that prevents you from being you anymore .

Any relationship in life couldn’t work if you yourself are lost like YUKTI is in her life . By losing yourself you aren’t even anymore in that relationship . Attachments are not bad but all we have to do is to keep ourselves close to keep others closer .
We can’t control lives or others but we exactly know where we are heading in life . Immediately stop and ask yourself is it even worth it ?


By Geetangi Mukhraj ……….

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