Do you see yourself in pain? Like your wounds still aching fresh. Does it still hurt? pain, not necessarily has to be only physically but some wounds are deep dug inside your spirit. Hurting much? Banging your heart?

Here, we would talk about human relations, the mental pain and sufferings. How are the relationships affecting us mentally. The relationships with your lover, mother, father, friends, society and the world. Does it affect you too? What it makes you do? What kind of person it makes you? You are exactly at the right place. Each chapter has some kind of importance in it, all these years we’ve been taught about materialistic chapters of life. It’s time to finally talk about the real life problems. By quoting stories we’ll understand and go through with this side of life. So lets begin.

It Starts ; The Pain.

This is a story about a girl, suffering the toxicity in her relationship with her fiance, Yukti. She is a sweet and a simple girl with dreams of her life with him. Ashish, was not the first person she was dating but he was her first love and fiance. She used do everything to put a smile on his face. She had never felt so magical and loved before by anybody. All she wanted was him to be with her. She found her happiness within him. Everyday she was falling more and more for him and forgetting herself.

Current Day In Her Life : 14 Feb

Perplexed , annoyed , hurt and vexed.
Yukti: calling Ashish again and again
Tring… Tring… Tring…
Phone Still Ringing, Didn’t picked up.
It’s Valentine. She wanted to be with him especially on this day of celebrating love. But she had no clue where her fiance was. Finally he picks up the call.
Ashish: Hi baby!!!
Yukti: Where are you? Why weren’t you picking up my call? When are you coming to pick me up?
Ashish: Baby, I am sorry…. I can’t come today. I am not well.
Yukti: Oh!!! What happened? Are you okay?
Ashish: Yes just a little headache.
Yukti: Okay, just take care and take medicine.
Ashish: Yes thank you, bye…. I love you so much.
Yukti: (sighs on the inside) Bye, I love you too.
Phone Hanged.

Unhappy, she removes her makeup and dress which she wore for valentines. Scrolling her Instagram she checks stories of her mates with their loved ones (sighs a little more ) scrolls more and suddenly finds Ashish with his friends. Filled with rage and tears, she sleeps. Her mind starting talking to her she felt betrayed, unloved and ignored. Didn’t call him, didn’t text (with the notion he lied her).

After reading this what do you feel was Ashish right? Do you think loving someone gives pain? Does someone’s action bother you mentally?

When two persons come into a relationship they share their odds and evens but we still find many of them struggling to manage their relation satisfactorily. You two share your each other’s journey of life to make it more simple and happy. You might find happiness in that one person. It isn’t wrong. You shouldn’t be reliable for your happiness on them solely. You both individually have to be able to understand each other. Emotions plays a very important role here. Love, but make that love to yourself first completely.


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